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Nelson in the News: 7th December 2012

Pistol-sword belonging to Alexander Davison sells at Auction for 11,000

On the 7th December 2012, a pistol-sword belonging to Alexander Davison, who of course was a very close friend to Nelson and looked after his finances for a while, has sold for 11,000 at Cuttlestones auctioneers n Staffordshire.

There is, however, no evidence that it was ever used by Nelson as suggested.  Nelson was known for carrying his uncle's sword, which he considered to be a lucky talisman, in to battle, and though it was recorded that he forgot to wear that sword at Trafalgar, it is not mentioned that he replaced it with any other weapon.  He also is never recorded as using such a weapon at any time in his career.

Nonetheless, it is a very pretty and unusual weapon.


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