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This website is dedicated to the life of Admiral Horatio Nelson, and you will find articles on his battles, his letters, his private life, and more. 

If you are new to Nelson, please start with the Who Was Nelson? page. :-)

Site News and Updates

This will be a massive ongoing project for me, so here I will update with what I've completed.


Latest Article:

The Battle of Copenhagen

The battle in the Baltic, in which Nelson was not only a master tactician and warrior, but a diplomat, too.  Along the way, he gave rise to one of the most famous of all his legends - turning a blind eye to his orders.



  • Revised the 'Who Was Nelson?' page.



  • Well, I had intended for it to be ready for the 14th Feb this year, but alas it was not to be!  Anyway, here it is now - The Battle of Cape St Vincent, 14th Feb 1797.

  • Working on: Adding letters relating to the battle.


  • Finally completed a list of ships that Nelson served in, including basic stats, the dates that Nelson served in them, their careers and commanders.  (I know I said I would be working on Nelson's Funeral, but this seemed more fun)

  • Working on... don't know yet, it will be a surprise!





  • Added Nelson's last diary, 13th September - 21st October 1805, including his 'Trafalgar Prayer'.

  • Completed part of the Countdown to Trafalgar: The Long Blockade of Toulon and The Chase of Villeneuve.

  • Working on: The Battle of Trafalgar.

  • Working on correcting formatting issues.


  • Website created, hurrah!

  • Added Journal Entries for the beginning of the blockade of Toulon leading up to the Battle of Trafalgar.  These entries run from July 24th 1803 - January 9th 1804.  They are comprised of books 2 and 3 that are in the British Library.

  • Added some Letters that Nelson wrote during this period, mostly ones that relate specifically to journal entries.

  • Added the 'Who was Nelson?' page, including a description of the man; his titles and honours and what they mean; and the 'Sketch of My Life' - the mini autobiography Nelson wrote for his life up to and including the Battle of the Nile.

  • Added a Timeline of the major events of Nelson's life.

  • Added some Portraits and paintings... but more to come.

  • Working on... The Battle of Trafalgar.



31/03/2014: Is HMS Victory the wrong colour?

The dark ochre and black stripes of the Victory are iconic, but may not be accurate.  Experts have discovered that the colours Nelson knew are not quite the same, and she may be repainted in the wake of the discovery.


25/07/2013: Nelson's Uncle's House for Sale

The Norfolk house once belonging to Nelson's uncle, William Suckling, and where the young Horatio would stay to break up the 30-mile journey between his boarding school and home,  has gone on the market.

15/07/2013: Nelson's Last Portrait sells for 64,000

More Details...

07/12/2012: Alexander Davison's sword pistol sells for 11,000

A sword-pistol belonging to Nelson's good friend Alexander Davison has sold at auction for 11,000.  But did it ever belong to Nelson, as has been claimed?

More Details...

13/11/2012: Letter sells for 20,000!

Remember that letter I mentioned earlier, up for auction for an estimated 6000-8000?  It sold for 20,000!

04/11/2012: Nelson Letter to go on Sale


A letter written by Nelson to Lady Hamilton is to go on sale at Bonhams auctioneers in London on the 13th November 2012, for an estimated 6000-8000.

More Details...





So who was Lord Nelson anyway, what did he do, what was he like?  Find out here.


Here's a timeline of the major events in Nelson's life in chronological order.  Also links to letters and journal entries in the relevant places.


Straight to the good stuff.  Details of the major battles Nelson took part in.


What did Nelson do in his spare time?  Information on his family, home and women here.


Who did Nelson love and who did he hate?  Find short bios of some of them here.


A list and details of the ships that Nelson served in.


During his life, Nelson wrote a LOT of letters, and hundreds have survived.  Here are transcripts of some of them.


Here are a few extracts from journals that Nelson kept during his career.


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